About Course

A course to help you understand the concept of worldview and specifically what a Christian worldview is and why it's essential for your engagement with the world.


Understanding worldviews is foundational to thriving as a Christian in healthcare. This interactive video course helps you to think more about worldviews, equipping you to engage with a changing society, to consider a biblical approach, and to think through why worldviews are important and how we can apply a Christian worldview to medicine and nursing.


  • To understand the concept of worldview
  • To identify common worldviews in our society
  • To grasp how worldview drives values and actions in ourselves, our peers and healthcare in general
  • To be able to articulate the Christian worldview and understand its biblical roots
  • To recognise the Bible’s diagnosis of worldview being an issue of the heart
  • To apply worldview to common scenarios we will often encounter
  • To stimulate discussion during the session and further investigation after by recommending relevant resources

The leader and participant guides can be found under the resources tab below.

Topics for this course

3 Lessons

Introduction to Worldviews

Part 1 – Introduction00:5:50
Part 2 – The biblical worldview00:1:15
Part 3 – The image of God00:2:50

Material Includes

  • Leader's Guide
  • Participant's Guide