Confident Christianity

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A course for those who want to be more confident in sharing the good news about Jesus – with gentleness and respect.


This training which is produced by  Christian Medical Fellowship UK, is for those who want to be more confident in sharing the good news about Jesus – with gentleness and respect.  Peter Saunders, the CEO of ICMDA, takes you through a series of short video teachings which can be used for self-learning or facilitated group learning.

The apostles were confident. They knew what they believed and why – and they saw the Holy Spirit change people’s lives.

Peter tells us: Do not be afraid of anyone and do not worry… Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you, but do it with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3: 14-16 (GNB)

Do you find this difficult to live out in practice? If a friend asked you for a brief explanation of the Christian faith what would you say? Where would you start? What would you include? How would you finish? If you think you could do it, try it on a friend in just two minutes!

Suppose he then came back at you with half a dozen major objections, could you handle them? Should you even bother? How about these for starters? ‘Is Jesus the only way to God?’ ‘Isn’t the Bible full of errors?’ ‘How can miracles be possible?’ ‘How can a loving God allow suffering?’ ‘What about those who’ve never heard?’ ‘How can a good God send people to Hell?’ There are substantial answers to these questions, which you will have opportunity to debate.

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Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Confident Christianity

Session 1: Pre-evangelism00:14:36
Session 2: God’s role and ours00:14:40
Session 3: What is the gospel?00:11:30
Session 4: A gospel outline00:11:50
Session 5: How the Apostles did it00:13:49
Session 6: Seven deadly questions00:7:39
Session 7: The basic question00:7:55
Session 8: The circular argument00:3:21
Session 9: Relativism00:8:12
Session 10: Successful evangelism00:3:05

Material Includes

  • Extended articles for each session
  • Discussion questions
  • Supplementary articles for further reading