Christian Foundations


A six-part course looking at foundational questions of what it means to be human, Christian, in healthcare and missional.

  1. Who am I – the question of my identity – with Dr Rachel Owusu-Ankomah
  2. What am I in this world for – the question of the purpose of life – with Dr Peter Saunders
  3. Understanding work – with Dr Vinod Shah
  4. Understanding missions and the big picture of the Kingdom of God – with Rev C B Samuel
  5. Missions and healthcare missions – with Dr Santhosh Mathew
  6. Living and working in God’s kingdom every day – with Dr Teem Wing

Topics for this course

3 Lessons

Session 3 – Understanding work?

Understanding work - what do I do daily and how does that fit in?
Theology of Work Part 119:55
Theology of Work Part 26:35
Theology of Work Part 320:00