Governance and Board Management

About Course

A course to discover best practices for governing an organisation and how to excel as a board.


The set of four videos on Governance and Board management has been developed by CMDA USA, for training and building capacity of ICMDA member organisations. Led by Dr David Stevens, former CEO of CMDA USA, these videos have principles of Board management and governance that are applicable for any context.

The best use of these videos will be for a group study. Groups of leaders from your organisation could come together, listen to these videos and discuss the principles and reflect on locally relevant applications. The videos, in addition to teaching, provides questions for discussion and interaction. You could pause the video in between and discuss the questions and then continue. 

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Governance and Board Management

Board Training Session 100:38:18
Board Training Session 200:39:08
Board Training Session 300:46:02
Board Training Session 400:53:53