About Course

A video teaching series with Professor John Wyatt covering the principles of medical ethics from a Christian worldview.


Professor John Wyatt has been actively involved in the world of medical ethics for more than 25 years, as a practising clinician, clinical teacher, speaker and writer.

In this 14-part video series, Prof Wyatt discusses the principles of medical ethics covering topics such as technology and consumerism, beginning and end of life issues as well as the foundations that should underpin the thinking of every Christian healthcare professional.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons


Session 1 – Machine thinking and technology00:15:58
Session 2 – Consumerism and ethical pluralism00:15:31
Session 3 – Worldviews and medical ethics00:18:15
Session 4 – Christian foundations – Creation00:14:13
Session 5 – Christian foundations – Fall00:14:25
Session 6 – Christian foundations – Incarnation and Redemption00:14:55
Session 7 – Christian foundations – Future hope00:11:25
Session 8 – Beginning of life00:14:34
Session 9 – Abortion00:13:23
Session 10 – Abortion – hard cases00:12:40
Session 11 – Reproductive technology00:10:33
Session 12 – Euthanasia and assisted dying00:13:22
Session 13 – Dying well00:12:43
Session 14 – Palliative care00:12:30